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The region around a magnet in which magnetic forces can act is called the...
a) magnetic field b) domain c) pole d) solenoid
An electric fan has an electric motor inside to change...
a) kinetic energy into electrical energy b) thermal energy into electrical energy c) electrical energy into thermal energy d) electrical energy into kintic energy
The marked end of a compass needle always points directly to...
a) Earth's geographic South Pole b) Earth's geographic North Pole c) a magnet's south pole d) a magnet's north pole
Which of the following is NOT true about an electromagnet?
a) It can be strong enough to levitate a train b) The current may be turned on or off c) Its strength is reduced by adding more loops d) It consists of an iron core and a current-carrying wire
All magnets...
a) have two poles b) exert forces c) are surrounded by a magnetic field d) All of the above
The magnetic effects of a bar magnet are...
a) evenly distributed throughout a magnet b) distributed randomly in a magnet c) concentrated near the ends d) None of the above
Sometimes the magnetic strip on a credit card becomes demagnetized. This strip is most likely a (n)
a) permanent magnet b) temporary magnet c) electromagnet d) geomagnet
If you attach a magnet to a string so that the magnet is free to rotate, you will see that one end of the magnet will point...
a) north b) southwest c) east d) west
The pole of a magnet that points to the north is called the magnet's...
a) north pole b) south pole c) east pole d) west pole
The force of repulsion or attraction between the poles of magnets is called the...
a) Coulomb force b) Foucault force c) magnetic force d) gravitational force
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