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The main hazard from a quiet volcanic eruption is
a) volcanic gases b) pyroclastic flows c) geyers d) lava flows
If geologists detect many small earthquakes in the area near a volcano, what can they infer about the volcano?
a) It is dormant. b) It is a good source of geothermal energy. c) It is extinct d) It is probably about to erupt.
Before lava reaches the surface, the molten material is called
a) rock b) liquid fire c) volcanic ash d) magma
The major ingredient of magma is
a) pahoehoe b) silica c) dissolved gases d) obsidian
Which of the following helps to determine how easily magma flows?
a) the amount of silica in the magma b) the diameter of the pipe c) the size of the crater d) the number of vents on the volcano
What provides the force that causes magma to erupt to the surface?
a) the silica in the magma b) dissolved gases trapped in the magma c) gravity in the lithosphere d) the density of the magma
What can be used to identify a substance or to predict how it will behave?
a) stages of activity b) physical and chemical properties c) geothermal activity d) viscosity
Amass of rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust is called a
a) neck b) dike c) lava platuau d) batholith
Which of the following volcano hazards is make up of rocky particles about the size of a grain of sand?
a) volcanic bombs b) pahoehoe c) volcanic cinders d) volcanic ash
All of the following are examples of physical properties EXCEPT
a) melting point b) hardness c) ability to burn d) density
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