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What is a tesselation?
a) A repeating pattern of a figure that covers a plane with no gaps or overlaps b) A thing that names a location c) Something that is straight and extends forever d) Something formed by two rays with a common endpoint
Complementary angles add up to __________ degrees.
a) 75 b) 180 c) 90 d) 100
These are two lines that never meet
a) Perpendicular lines b) Parallel lines c) Vertical lines d) Angles
This is a quadrilateral with four equal sides and four equal angles
a) rhombus b) retangle c) square d) Equilateral triangle
This is an eight sided polygon.
a) Heptagon b) Hexagon c) Octagon d) Pentagon
This is defined by vertical change (rise) divided by horizontal change (run)
a) slope b) angle c) supplementary angles d) parallel lines
This is a polygon with sides that are all equal
a) triangle b) regular polygon c) semi- regular polygon d) Plane
This means to be of the same size and shape
a) Equilateral b) Similar c) Equal d) Congruent
This flips the figure across a line to create a mirror image
a) translation b) rotation c) tesselation d) reflection
To move a figure around a central point is called a(n)
a) rotation b) translation c) tesselation d) reflection
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