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The process of making sugar is called:
a) photosynthesis b) habitat c) chloroplast d) carbon dioxide
The opening underneath a leaf is called :
a) hole b) stomata c) section d) cell
The job of a leaf is to:
a) support larger plants b) turn into a gas c) produce food for plants d) shade the plant
The part of a plant that carries water between roots and leaves is the:
a) trunk b) stem c) bark d) point
The role of a root is to:
a) supply water to the plant b) supply water and store food and anchor the plant c) make food d) all of the above
Which vegetable is a taproot?
a) lettuce b) carrot c) tomato d) corn
The female part of the plant is the:
a) pistil b) stamen c) petal d) sepal
A bee carries what from flower to flower?
a) bacteria b) pollen c) eggs d) cells
The outside covering of a seed is called:
a) seedling b) seed coat c) stem d) root
An annual plant produces every:
a) two weeks b) once a year c) once every two years d) once a month
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