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Biome Quiz: Question Preview (ID: 3646)

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What is the biome that gets the most amount of rain?
a) Tropical Rainforest b) Desert c) Taiga d) Grasslands  
Which biome is the coldest?
a) Taiga b) Tundra c) Desert d) Temperate Forest  
This biome is known for it different types of evergreen trees?
a) temperate forest b) taiga c) tundra d) desert  
Which animal lives in the grasslands?
a) bald eagle b) duck billed platypus c) antelope d) kangaroo rat  
Where is the hottest place on the earth?
a) Tundra b) Grasslands c) Tropical Rainforest d) Desert  
How have some plants adapted to living in the desert?
a) Growing broad leaves b) having narrow pointed shapes c) by develpoing deep or wide spreading root systems d) Plants wither but their roots do not die  
Which biome has a variety of weather?
a) Temperate Forest b) Taiga c) Desert d) Tropicla Rainforest  
This biome averages 77 degrees
a) Temperate Forest b) Taiga c) Desert d) Tropical Rainforest  
This animal is famous for living in the Tundra
a) Bald Eagle b) Reindeer c) Camel d) Thorny Devil  
What is permafrost?
a) Special treat from Dairy Queen b) An area of soil frozen only during the winter c) An area where polar bears live d) Thick layer of ice just below the soil surface  

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