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a person of prominence
a) wealth b) elegance c) evil d) distinction
the critic's acclaim
a) hostility b) praise c) indifference d) interest
to have priority in something
a) precedence b) low ranking c) knowledge d) pride
her affected manner
a) false b) generous c) sincere d) simple
perennial youth
a) healthy b) athletic c) perpetual d) passing
an affirmation of love
a) powerful statement b) positive statement c) strong feeling d) changed attitude
influential citizens
a) fair b) legal c) powerful d) average
to circumscribe one's actions
a) restrict b) encourage c) blame d) praise
incalculable dangers
a) small b) not predictable c) imaginary d) in advance
to clamber over the rocks
a) climb rapidly b) look carefully c) climb awkwardly d) run gracefully
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