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What is the main organ involved with diabetes mellitus???
a) pancreas b) liver c) eyeball d) adrenal glands
What does mellitus mean??
a) honey b) sour c) metallic d) juice
Of the below, which is a symptom of diabetes
a) all of these b) polyuria c) polydipsia d) polyphagia
What type of cells release insulin
a) beta cells b) alpha cells c) red blood cells d) white blood cells
What is acromegaly
a) your face grows all big and nasty b) when you grow reallly reallyy talllllll c) you suffer from dwarfism d) you suffer from gigantism
What is dwarfism?
a) when your pituitary gland does not produce enough GH b) when your pituitary gland produces too much GH c) JR syndrome d) when your thyroid doesn't work
What is in charge of the anterior pituitary gland?
a) hypothalmus b) liver c) onions d) posterior pituitary gland
What type of diabetes requires insulin injections?
a) type one b) type two c) both d) neither
When is the onset of type two diabetes?
a) adult b) juvenile c) teenager d) oldie
What type of diabetes is incurable?
a) type one b) type two c) both d) neither
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