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What are the major types of technology that can be found in schools today?
a) Medical Technology, Informational Technology, Appropriate Technology b) Informational Technology, Technology Tools, Assitive Technology c) Assistive Technology, Technology Tools, Instructional Technology d) Instructional Technology, Appropriate Technology, Informational Technology
Which term is best defined as an approach to design all products and environments to be useable by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, regardless of age, ability, or situation?
a) Assistive Technology b) Universal Design c) Accessibility For All d) None Of The Above
Type of push technology where an individual can subscribe to an email mailing list.
a) Subscriber List b) Listservs c) Mailing List d) Newsgroups
What is a world wide computer network?
a) Internet b) Broadband Connection c) Communication System d) World Wide Web (WWW)
Which are technolgy tools for students and teachers?
a) Word processing programs b) Database management programs c) Idea Processor d) All Of The Above
What does URL stand for?
a) Uniform Reference Locator b) Uniform Resource Locator c) Universal Reference Locator d) Universal Resource Locator
How many types of hearing aids are there?
a) four b) three c) five d) eight
The surface of alternative keyboards are divided into ____________.
a) Sections b) Arrangements c) Different Areas d) Key Areas
Two major types of computer adapatations are alternative input devices and alternative output devices.
a) True b) False c) d)
Why should teachers integrate technology into the classroom?
a) It can be used to reinforce skills taught by teacher through guided practice activites, monitoring students\' responses, and b) Technology will enrich and extend the curriculum by opening doors to experiences that students cannot access in other ways. c) Technology can be used as a motivational tool. d) All of the above.
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