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What takes place when more than one organism seeks the same resource at the same time?
a) competition b) population growth c) carrying capacity d) population density
What does the number of individuals of a certain species living in a certain area describe?
a) density b) size c) spacing d) clumping
The place in which an organism lives is its ___.
a) habitat b) niche c) limiting factor d) community
Anything that restricts the number of individuals of a species is a ____.
a) limiting factor b) niche c) population density d) habitat
The largest number of individuals of one species that an ecosystem can support is the __.
a) carrying capacity b) habitat c) limiting factor d) niche
How an organism survives, where it lives, and what it eats make up that organism's __.
a) niche b) habitat c) community d) limiting factor
___ is an example of an abiotic factor in an ecosystem.
a) Water temperature b) A salamander c) An apple tree d) Decomposer
The first organisms in an area are known as ___.
a) pioneer species b) primary c) secondary d) climax
An organism that eats plants and animals is a/an ___.
a) omnivore b) herbivore c) carnivore d) producer
All the organisms in a habitat that belong to the same species are known as a ___.
a) population b) community c) primary community d) predator
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