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__________ is a computer simulation program, which stimulates the process of urban planning, infrastructures, and economic growth in a city.
a) DesignCity b) CityDesign c) SimCity d) CitySim
What is NOT a goal of the mayor?
a) Keep Sims Happy b) Make a lot of money c) Have places for Sims to work and play d) Keep city out of major debt
__________ zones are where your Sims live.
a) Commerical b) Industrial c) Residential d) House
____________ zones contain various factories, industries, and warehouses.
a) Commerical b) Industrial c) Company d) Residential
_________ zones contain shops and offices.
a) Commerical b) Industrial c) Company d) Residential
What is NOT one of the densities for zones?
a) Light b) Medium c) Small d) Dense
Place the power plants away from your _________ zones.
a) Residential b) Commercial c) Industrial d) Company
__________ and ___________ are utilities essential to your Sims' lives.
a) Police and Fire Departments b) Police and Water c) Water and Garbage d) Police and Garbage
The monetary unit (money) of the SimNation is the _________.
a) SimDollar b) Sim c) Simoleon d) Euro
You need to place a _____________ and ____________ to satisfy the security needs of your Sims.
a) Police and Fire Departments b) Police and Water Departments c) Fire and Water Departments d) Police and Garbage Departments
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