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Cod is a ___________________ resource; gravel is a _______________________ resource+++
a) biological, physical b) c) d) physical, biological
Tuna are a ___________ resource and whales are a ______________ resource
a) nonrenewable, renewable b) c) d) renewable, nonrenewable
Some resources could be renewable but are currently nonrenewable because
a) people don't live long enough b) c) d) the resource is used faster than it can be produced
Oil and natural gas form
a) remains of marine organisms under high pressure and temperature over a long period of time b) c) from methane hydrates d) when coal liquifies
Rock characteristics are important in finding oil and gas because
a) you can\'t drill some types of rocks b) all of the answers are correct c) seismic instruments can only see through sand d) non porous rocks trap oil and gas
Oil and natural gas are extracted from the seabed by
a) drilling from oil rigs b) c) none of the answers are correct d) drilling from submarines
Methane hydrates are
a) a combination of methane and hydrogen b) all of the answers are correct c) ice crystals with methane and found on the continental slope d) scarce
Methane hydrates are not a good energy source because
a) they are scarce b) none of the answers are correct c) doing so is prohibited by international treaty d) difficult to harvest and dangerous to handle
Ferromanganese nodules consist of
a) iron, manganese, copper and cobalt b) all of the answers are correct c) iron, petroleum, copper and carbohydrates d) iron, manganese, copper and carbohydrates
Ferromanganese nodules are not a good mineral resource because
a) they are rarely found b) none of the answers are correct c) they are too expensive to harvest d) they are so cheap to harvest it would destablalize the economy
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