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Genes are found on
a) Chromosomes b) Alleles c) Proteins d) Anthers
The passing of traits from parents to offsprings is
a) Probability b) Heredity c) Recessive d) Meiosis
a) is made up of three subunits b) cannot be repaired if it is mutated c) Has a structure like a twisted ladder d) all of these
A gene is
a) A set of instructions for each trait b) Instructions on how to make a protein c) A portion of a strand of DNA d) All of the these
An organism\'s phenotype is it\'s
a) Physical appearance b) Allele combination c) Genetic makeup d) Probability of occuring
An allele whose trait always shows up in an organism when the allele is present is a
a) Gene b) Hereditary factor c) Dominant allele d) Recessive allele
A person who has one recessive and one dominant allele for a trait is called
a) homozygote b) heterozygous c) carrier d) clone
Most genetic material is found in the cell structure known as the
a) Nucleus b) Lysosome c) Membrane d) Vacule
In sexual reproduction, how much genetic material does the offspring receive from each parent
a) None b) 2 sets c) 1/2 d) 1/4
Organisms with favorable traits reproduce more sucessfully than organisms with less favorable traits. This statement is an example of
a) Overproduction b) Survival of the fittest c) Inheritance d) use and disuse
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