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Greenhouse effect: heating of earth's
a) surface caused by the trapping of gases caused by human pollution b) the heat generated inside a glass house where plants produce extreme amounts of carbon dioxide c) the heat found in the troposphere generated by the sun d) heated air brought by warm, moist air of a warm front
The wind speed that determines a hurricane
a) 80 mph b) 65 mph c) 74 mph d) 94 mph
Evaporation- process by which
a) water vapor turns from a gas to a liquid b) water (a liquid) turns into a gas c) process by which water crystalizes d) the amount of water vapor in the air
As warm air is forced upward and cools, it forms clouds. These are the ones that are high, thin, white, and feathery.
a) nimbus b) stratus c) cummulus d) cirrus
This determines whether precipitation droplets form snow, rain, hail, or sleet.
a) air pressure b) wind speed c) temperature d) humidity
One of these statements is false:
a) stormy weather is associated with high pressure areas b) a barometer measures air pressure c) meteorologists study and predict weather d) severe weather includes blizzards, lightning, and hurricanes
The Fujita Scale measures
a) air pressure b) temperature within an air mass c) density distance d) wind speed damage by tornadoes
Typically, wind in the US travels
a) from east to west b) from west to east c) from north to south d) from south to north
________ is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air in the form of invisible water vapor. It is important for forecasting- helps predict precipitation
a) Humidity b) Wind c) Precipitation d) Air pressure
As altitude becomes greater (higher), the temperature
a) increases and the air pressure is more dense b) decreases and the air pressure is more dense c) decreases and the air pressure is thinner d) increases and the air pressure is thinner
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