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The founder of the psychodynamic perspective.
a) Sigmund Freud b) Carl Jung c) Karen Horney d) BF Skinner
Founder of the humanistic perspective.
a) Abraham Maslow b) Sigmund Freud c) BF Skinner d) John Watson
Founder of the behavioral perspective.
a) John Watson b) BF Skinner c) Sigmund Freud d) Carl Rogers
Associated with the sociocultural perspective.
a) Albert Bandura b) John Watson c) Sigmund Freud d) Carl Rogers
A trait theorist
a) Cattell b) Watson c) Jung d) Horney
Associated with the humanistic perspective.
a) Carl Rogers b) Carl Jung c) Sigmund Freud d) Karen Horney
Associated with the psychoanalytic perspective.
a) Karen Horney b) Carl Rogers c) BF Skinner d) John Watson
Conducted the Little Albert experiment
a) John Watson b) BF Skinner c) Erik Erikson d) Carl Rogers
Developed client centered therapy and unconditional positive regard.
a) Carl Rogers b) Abraham Maslow c) Carl Jung d) Erik Erikson
Cognitive psychologist.
a) Jean Piaget b) Abraham Maslow c) Carl Rogers d) Sigmund Freud
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