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A mesh topology is also called a _____________ topology.
a) Bus b) Ring c) Multipoint d) Point-to-point
A _____________ is more frequently used in a LAN than any other type of network.
a) Point-to-point b) Mesh c) Multipoint d) Peer-to-peer
What is NOT a multipoint topology?
a) Bus b) Mesh c) Ring d) Star
The most common type of multipoint topology is a _______ topology.
a) Bus b) Mesh c) Ring d) Star
A single cable that runs the length of a computer network is called a ________.
a) Cable b) Line c) Segment d) Wire
Terminators are used only in a ________ topology
a) Mesh b) Ring c) Star d) Bus
A ________ topology is a circle with no ends.
a) Ring b) Bus c) Star d) Mesh
In a ________ topology, all devices are connected to a central device called a hub.
a) Mesh b) Bus c) Ring d) Star
Which network would you suggest if the warehouse is across the street from the main store, and the owners want to include both buildings in the network?
a) LAN b) WAN c) Peer-to-Peer d) Server-Based
Which controller network would you recommend if your family wants to add a network at home for sharing a printer, a desktop computer, and a laptop computer?
a) LAN b) WAN c) Server-Based d) Peer-to-Peer
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