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Excel includes what feature that enables you to freeze rows and columns.
a) freeze pane b) format painter c) narrow d) manipulating
You can temporarily do what to information in rows or column so that it does not appear on the screen or when printed.
a) hide b) freeze c) heights d) wrap
Excel provides several ways to modify the structure of your worksheet by doing what to rows and columns.
a) previewing b) manipulating c) narrow d) format painter
Before you are ready to print your worksheet, you may need to adjust the page setup by defining or _____________________ settings.
a) Print Titles b) Previewing c) Modifying d) Portrait
If you are printing a large worksheet that will not easily fit on a single page, you can specify where in the worksheet you want ___________________________ to occur.
a) Problems b) Page Breaks c) Styles d) Previewing
Excel includes a few predefined _________________, but you may want to define your own to reflect formats that you use often.
a) Files b) Format Painter c) Page Breaks d) Styles
You can add headers or footers to your worksheets that include information such as the __________________ name, current date, or page number.
a) Single b) AutoFormat c) Portrait d) File
You can print any portion of a worksheet, including _________________ ranges, you do not have to print the entire worksheet.
a) nonadjacent b) cell c) vertical d) missing
The euro was introduced primarily to provide a common ___________________ that could be used among European countries to avoid the need to convert to another.
a) web b) loan c) currency d) finance
You can set a horizontal page break or a ____________________ page break.
a) nonadjacent b) right c) partrait d) vertical
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