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diagonals of a paralleogram
a) bisect each other b) separate into 4 congruent triangles c) always equal 12 d) alwayas equal 65
in a parallelogram each diagonal of a paralleogram separates the parallelogram into
a) 2 congruent triangles b) 2 congruent squares c) 2 similar squares d) 4 congruent triangles
in a parallelogram consecutive angles are
a) supplementary, they equal 180 b) equal to 360 c) equal to 345 d) make a linear pair
in a paralleogram opposite angles and sides are
a) congruent b) similar c) parallel d) their sum is 12
definition of a parallelogram
a) quadrilateral in which opposite sides are parallel b) box with 4 sides c) box with 6 sides d) circle with 360 degrees
a) number of sides b) number of angles c) one of the legs d) THeorem 7.3
Sum of exterior angles og all convex polygons is ?
a) 360 b) 180 c) 90 d) 60
a) Interior Angle Sum Theorem b) Law of Sines c) Law of Cosines d) Theorem 7.1
a) sum of the measures of its interior angles b) number of sides c) number of interior angles d) hypotenuse
What is one way to test for a parallelogram? **There are two right answers
a) Both pairs of opposite sides are congruent b) Triangle's interior angles equal 450 c) If the lines are straight d) Diagonals bisect each other
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