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Which of the following words does not connect to adverse?
a) negative b) difficult c) flooding d) sunshine
Which enviornment is arid?
a) desert b) rain forest c) park d) pond
Which is a good example of an enigma?
a) a bald man b) a murder mystery c) a picture d) a sporting event
If you confront someone, what are you doing?
a) meeting them for the first time b) physically fighting c) accusing them of somthing d) meeting face-to-face as a challenge
When would someone be gloating?
a) during a sad movie b) after winning a game c) at a wedding d) at church
Define sheepish
a) thin b) loving c) shy d) inappropriate
Which sentence uses the word encompass correctly?
a) Would you like to encompass me to the dance? b) Man I wish the referee had not encompased that play! c) She encompased the job perfectly. d) The fence encompases the entire front yard so that the dog can\'t get out.
Which historical figure was a bigot?
a) Gandhi b) President Lincoln c) Hitler d) Betty Crocker
What is a good example of manipulation?
a) changing someone b) a commercial c) being nice d) buying things
Which of the following would be considered a serene setting?
a) Watching the sun rise b) front row seats to a hockey game c) A Birthday party d) The circus
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