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what colour is choclate
a) green b) orange c) brown d) yellow
Is tomato a fruit or a vegatable
a) vegatable b) its something!!! c) neither d) fruit
what colour is lettuce
a) green b) pink c) blue d) brown if it moldy
What is chocloate made of?
a) Chocolate b) coco beans c) green stuff d) the right answer is this one!! so click it!
Does pasta go in to macaroni?
a) yess b) n0 c) no0 d) yes
when was food invented?
a) starts of the world b) yesterday c) next week d) a million years a go
when is dinner?
a) morning b) afternoon c) 3 o'clock in the morning d) at night ( 5- 8 o'clock)
what is bacon from
a) sheep b) pig c) cow d) flamingo
why do we eat food?
a) Cos its nice b) to stay alive c) cos were hungry d) we dont!
What is the right answer?
a) Foood b) FOOd c) food d) F0od
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