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words that mean something different when they are put together
a) cliche b) exude c) conundrum d) idiom
to be different
a) idiom b) come full circle c) disparate d) exude
to spread out; to drip or ooze; to show emotions or mood
a) exude b) disparate c) eschew d) come full circle
a worn-out expression or phrase
a) exude b) idiom c) surmise d) cliche
solid ground; firm ground
a) clarity b) terra firma c) exude d) cliche
to end up right back where you started
a) exude b) come full circle c) idiom d) eschew
to avoid because of morals - to shun
a) eschew b) idiom c) clarity d) exude
to make clear
a) clarity b) conundrum c) eschew d) exude
a riddle; a difficult problem; something or someone hard to understand
a) come full circle b) conundrum c) exude d) idiom
to make a decision based upon a little evidence
a) eschew b) conundrum c) surmise d) exude
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