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associated; connected
a) affiliated b) nonchalant c) finite d) cogent
to give, or pass on an inheritance
a) disperse b) ascertain c) bequeath d) esteem
to scatter; to spread throughout
a) skulk b) disperse c) converge d) expunge
having limits; lasting for a limited time
a) affiliated b) expunge c) bequeath d) disperse
cool and confident; unconcerned
a) nonchalant b) finite c) uncanny d) affiliated
careful about details; having high moral principles
a) cogent b) invulnerable c) scrupulous d) affiliated
strange; beyond explanation
a) malevolent b) uncanny c) venial d) supercilious
to find out
a) disperse b) ascertain c) esteem d) converge
forceful; to the point
a) cogent b) scrupulous c) finite d) invulnerable
to regard highly
a) bequeath b) ascertain c) expunge d) esteem
not able to be wounded; shielded against attack
a) affiliated b) nonchalant c) invulnerable d) uncanny
a) omniscient b) invulnerable c) scrupulous d) finite
to move around stealthily; to lie in hiding
a) bequeath b) converge c) skulk d) expunge
a) malevolent b) venial c) supercilious d) nonchalant
an achievement
a) attainment b) panacea c) esteem d) finite
to move toward a point; to move together
a) ascertain b) cogent c) converge d) skulk
to destroy
a) converge b) ascertain c) disperse d) expunge
a) affiliated b) malevolent c) uncanny d) omiscient
a remedy for all ills
a) panacea b) attainment c) esteem d) finite
proud and arrogant
a) scrupulous b) supercilious c) cogent d) venial
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