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How many colonies were there in 1776?
a) 13 b) 12 c) 15 d) 14
Why had few people explored the lands to the west?
a) there were wild animals, and hostile Indians b) There was no transportation c) they did not want to go d) the land was fertile where they were
In which state was Daniel born?
a) Pennsylvania b) Kentucky c) Missouri d) Miami
What did he learn when he was a young man?
a) The ways of wild animals b) To hunt like a bear c) To look for food d) To cook dinner
What did his father give him when he was 12 years old?
a) a rifle b) a gun c) a machete d) a knife
What did Boone hear about Kentucky?
a) It was full of wild animals and beautiful rivers full of fish b) It was a land that was deserted and had no food c) It was a spectacular place with a lot of flowers d) It was a land for the free and people could live there in peace
Where were he and his friends when they were captured by indians?
a) Kentucky b) Missouri c) Miami d) Alabama
Where did Boone and his friends build a settlement?
a) On the shores of Kentucky river b) In Alabama beach c) In the forest of Missouri d) In the land of the free
What did they name this settlement?
a) Boonesboro b) DanielĀ“s land c) Boonesworld d) Boonessettlement
What was the pioneersĀ“great contribution?
a) To travel to east b) To find gold c) To find new tribes of Indians d) To go to the ocean
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