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Where was George Washington Carver born?
a) Missouri b) Kentucky c) Pennsylvania d) Miami
Who helped him learn to read and write?
a) Mr. Carver b) Mrs. Carver c) Miss Carver d) Nobody
What did he help the United States government set up?
a) Department of agriculture b) Department of Physics c) Department of Biology d) Department of Linguistics
What did he study at Iowa State Agricultural College?
a) Chemistry b) Phisycs c) Mathematics d) English
What two colleges did Carver attend?
a) State of Agricultural College and Simpson College b) State of Missouri and Kentucky College c) Harvard College and Pennsylvania College d) Simpson College and Kentucky College
Where did George go to high school?
a) Fort Scott, Kansas b) Melbourne, Mississipi c) Heights, Alabama d) Georgetown, Maryland
When did his parents die?
a) when he was young b) when he was 10 c) when he was 5 d) his parents did not die
To what did he give all his money?
a) Carver Foundation b) Washington Foundation c) Washington Carver Foundation d) George Carver Foundation
How did Carver improve the land?
a) with experiments with chemicals b) with mud and water c) with the water from the pond d) with the chemicals from the ocean
Why did George have to continue working?
a) there was no high school near b) he wanted more money c) there was a lot of work d) his parents sent him to work
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