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temporary departure from the main subject in speech or writing
a) digression b) protracted c) systematic d) traction
not influenced by strong emotion, able to be rational and impartial
a) infamous b) retort c) dispassionate d) regress
a person's qualities of mind and character; the way in which something is arranged
a) dispassionate b) protracted c) torsion d) disposition
well known for some bad quality or deed; wicked
a) infamous b) dispassionate c) retort d) systematic
lasting for a long time or longer than expected
a) disposition b) protracted c) infamous d) traction
return to a former or less developed state
a) systematic b) protracted c) regress d) digression
say something in answer to a remark or accusation; a sharp, angry or sarcastic remark
a) disposition b) regress c) torsion d) retort
done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical
a) dispassionate b) systematic c) traction d) digression
action of twisting or being twisted
a) regress b) traction c) torsion d) protracted
the action of pulling a thing over a surface; the grip of a tire on a road or a wheel on a rail
a) traction b) disposition c) torsion d) retort
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