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Hazel thinks she is a ______________.
a) superhero b) celebrity c) teacher d) grenade
Hazel used her wish to go to Disney World, Augustus decided to use his wish to go to ___________________.
a) Ireland b) Macomb, IL c) Amsterdam d) New Zeland
Isaac doesn't have cancer anymore, but he also doesn't have ___________.
a) eyes b) nose c) toes d) bros
When Isaac's girlfriend broke up with him, Issac broke Augustus' _________.
a) arm b) trophies c) phone d) television
What is Hazel's favorite book?
a) An Imperial Affliction b) The Giver c) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory d) Harry Potter
Hazel gave Augustus her favorite _________, An Imperial Affliction.
a) candy b) game c) movie d) book
Hazel has ___________________.
a) the flu b) cancer c) chicken pox d) an empty stomache
Who is the main character?
a) Hazel b) Anna c) Van Houten d) Ms. Hays
What does Augustus not want to give the power to kill him too?
a) cigarette b) crocodile c) car d) computer
Who got the first email from Peter Van Houten?
a) Hazel b) Augustus c) Isaac d) Mr. Ford
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