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a relationship between two species in which one species, the parasite, benefits from the other species, the host, which is harmed
a) parasitism b) commensalism c) mutualism d) predation
a relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
a) competition b) parasitism c) mutualism d) commensalism
a relationship between two species in which both species benefit
a) mutualism b) commensalism c) parasitism d) competition
a relationship in which two different organisms live in close association with each other
a) ecology b) symbiosis c) biology d) biosphere
the relationship between two species (or individuals) in which both species (or individuals) attempt to use the same limited resource
a) competition b) predation c) symbiosis d) parasitism
an interaction between two organisms in which one organism, the predator, kills and feeds on the other organism, the prey
a) predation b) competition c) parasitism d) mutualism
role, or position, of an organism in its environment
a) abiotic factor b) biotic factor c) niche d) habitat
physical area in which an organism lives
a) habitat b) ecosystem c) biome d) biosphere
the part of Earth where life exists
a) biosphere b) biome c) ecosystem d) community
large group of ecosystems that share the same climate and have similar types of communities
a) habitat b) ecosystem c) biosphere d) biome
biological community and all the nonliving factors that affect it
a) ecosystem b) community c) biome d) habitat
group of interacting populations that live in the same geographic area at the same time
a) biome b) community c) biosphere d) population
group of organisms of the same species that occupy the same geographic place at the same time
a) ecosystem b) organism c) population d) community
any ONE thing that has or once had all the characteristics of life
a) organism b) biotic factor c) abiotic factor d) niche
any nonliving factor in an organism’s environment
a) abiotic factor b) biotic factor c) habitat d) community
any living factor in an organism’s environment
a) niche b) abiotic factor c) biotic factor d) organism
the study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with their environment
a) ecology b) biology c) symbiosis d) competition
science of life
a) symbiosis b) ecology c) chemistry d) biology
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