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What are the 3 ingredients in concrete?
a) cement, sand, water b) concrete, aggregate, and water c) cement, aggregate and water d) cement, stones, and water
The 2 types and sizes of aggregate are?
a) coarse 3/8-1.5 inches and fine 3/8 of an in ch and smaller b) stone and sand c) stone 1/2 to 1.5 inches and sand 1/2 inch and smaller d) coarse and fine
what is the ratio of ingredients in concrete?
a) for every 1 cup of cement you need 2 fine aggregate, 3 coarse aggregate and 1/2 a cup of water b) for every 1 cup of cement you need 3 fine aggregate, 2 coarse aggregate and 1 cup of water c) for every 2 cups of cement you need 1 fine aggregate, 2 coarse aggregate and 2 cups of water d)
to increase the strength of concrete you must add?
a) less water b) more fine aggregate c) more coarse aggregate d) more water
the process if taking a square piece of spare lumber and pulling it across your concrete form is known as?
a) floating b) leveling c) screeding d) edging
The plastic that protects concrete slab or wall from water is called?
a) a vapor barrier b) water barrier c) insulation d) sheathing
the 2x4 board used to connect the floor to the foundation is called?
a) top plate b) sill plate c) sole plate d) band joist
purpose of any foundation type
a) support structure above b) provide level building platform c) raise structure above grade d) all of the above
the type of foundation with 8ft walls and a slab floor is called
a) slab b) full c) crawl space d) pier and post
the type of foundation that has a dirt floor but is protected from the elements with a small wall is called?
a) slab b) full c) crawl space d) pier and post
this foundation is open to the elements.
a) slab b) full c) crawl d) peir and post
if your foundation wall is 8 inches thick what should the dimensions of your footing be?
a) 8 inches thick 16 inches wide b) 16 inches thick 8 inches wide c) 8 inches thick 24 inches wide d) 16 inches thick 24 inches wide
What is cut into the footing to create a better connection between it and the foundation wall?
a) A key b) A groove c) A slot d) holes for bolts
What can be added to foundations walls or footings to increase its strength?
a) wood b) plastic c) rebar d)
The minimum distance that a foundation should extend above grade is?
a) 8 inches b) 6 inches c) 10 inches d) 12 inches
What is a benefit of a full foundation?
a) dry b) storage c) living space d) storage and living space
what is a disadvantage of a full foundation
a) cost b) moisture c) no storage d) can't always be put under ranch homes
what is a benefit of a crawl space
a) some storage and cheap b) no moisture issues c) slab floor d) cheap
how deep should any footing go below grade?
a) 4' b) 2' c) 3' d) depends on where the frost line is
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