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The cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe from 14th through 17th centuries, based on the rediscovery of the literature of Greece Rome.
a) Renaissance b) Ottoman Empire c) Crusades d) Reformation
Emphasized the abilities and accomplishments of human beings.
a) Mercantilism b) Humanism c) Perspective d) Secularism
Act of setting up a colony away from one's original country.
a) Mercantilism b) Reformation c) Protestant d) Colonization
Call for reform, change, restructuring, or improvement of the Catholic Church in 1500s, led by Martin Luther.
a) Renaissance b) Caliph c) Reformation d) Empire
Individuals who protested against the corruption of the Catholic Church and called for reform; eventually broke away
a) Reformation b) Protestant c) Sunni d) Catholics
Placing less emphasis on religion and more on things of the earthly world.
a) Secularism b) Perspective c) Individualism d) Humanism
A pardon, or forgiveness, that could be purchased from the Church instead of doing penance for sins.
a) Perspective b) Caliph c) Protestant d) Indulgences
Martin Luther nailed his arguments about the problems with the Catholic Church.
a) 92 Theses b) 95 Theses c) Calvinism d) Indulgences
A Church member whose privileges are taken away from them.
a) Martyr b) Predestination c) Excommunication d) Renaissance
To sell church offices to the highest bidder.
a) Indulgences b) Theocracy c) Simony d) Predestination
God already determines who will be saved and who will not from the beginning.
a) Excommunication b) Theocracy c) Predestination d) Reformation
Who organized the model way of how Christians should and should not act?
a) John Calvin b) Martin Luther c) Da Vinci d) Henry 8th
Who disapproved with the ways of the Catholic Church?
a) Henry 8th b) John Calvin c) Reformation d) Martin Luther
To say or do something against acceptable beliefs.
a) Excommunication b) Heresy c) Simony d) Theocracy
A government run by religions leaders.
a) Heresy b) Theocracy c) Reformation d) 95 Theses
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