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Which word means -beneath the earth's surface-
a) transcending b) subterranean c) hyper d) transplanted
Which prefix means- to go across or over
a) hyper b) super c) trans d) cir
Which prefix means- above, over, more, the extreme
a) sub b) peri c) hyper d) pro
Which prefix means- forward, before-
a) pro b) retro c) post d) pre
Which prefix means- around
a) pre b) hyper c) circum d) sub
What does the word -superhuman- mean?
a) human with exceptional powers or ability b) a human that can go below ground c) an ant d) a human that is normal
What does the prefix -post- mean?
a) below b) before c) around d) after
What does the prefix -peri- mean?
a) before b) around c) after d) under
What does the prefix -pre- mean?
a) after b) around c) forwards d) before
What does the prefix -fore- mean?
a) after b) before, toward c) around, surrounding d) backwards
Which word means to warn someone before an incident?
a) presume b) submission c) forewarn d) procession
To foreshadow in a story is to,
a) to tell something after the fact b) to describe a character c) to go around a city d) give hints before something happens
To have a premonition, is to have a thought
a) after an incident b) during an incident c) before something happens d) this is not the answer
To put a toy under water is to...
a) subjugate b) subordinate c) subdue d) submerge
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