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something that is hard to do
a) experiment b) challenge c) test d) attach
something that is made for the first time
a) experiment b) challenge c) record d) invention
someone who is not free to leave
a) scientist b) captive c) invention d) record
someone who studies things in nature
a) invention b) scientist c) experiment d) test
to make a copy
a) test b) invention c) record d) attach
to stick something to something else
a) attach b) test c) scientist d) challenge
To try an idea
a) record b) captive c) experiment d) test
to try something
a) test b) invention c) experiment d) record
how something is arranged or organized
a) solve b) problem c) structure d) compound
made up of two or more parts
a) structure b) compound c) solve d) solution
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