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Which is not a part of an animal cell?
a) Cell Wall b) Cell membrane c) Nucleus d) organelles
A group of cells working together to perform a certain function is a....
a) cell system b) organ system c) organ d) tissue
The liver is included in what organ system?
a) Circulatory System b) Digestive System c) Excretory System d) Respiratory System
The purpose of the digestive system is to...
a) break down food particles b) turn food into nutrients the body needs for energy, growth, and repair. c) fill your stomach d) make blood
Which organelle directs the cell's activities?
a) mitochondrion b) vacuole c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
Which type of muscle tisue forms the walls of the heart?
a) skeletal b) involuntary c) smooth d) voluntary
What is the liquid part of blood called?
a) plasma b) platelets c) red blood cells d) white blood cells
Nervous tissue
a) is what makes up most of your heart b) Keep your heart beating without you having to think about it c) carry signals to and from the brain to and from all parts of the body d) help you transfer oxygen in carbon dioxide to be released
What system is not part of moving your arm to raise your hand?
a) skeletal b) nervous c) muscular d) respiratory
Tendons are connective tissues that...
a) connect muscle to bones b) connect bone to bone c) make blood cells d) carry signals from nerves
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