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Weathering, erosion and deposition can be describe as...
a) the breakdown of rock, transportation of sediment and deposit of sediment b) the formation of rocks, transportation of boulders and deposit of sediment c) the breakdown of sediment, transportation of rocks and deposit of sediment d)
How would plants protect an area from erosion?
a) the roots respond positively to gravity b) the stem follows light for photosynthesis c) the roots help to keep dirt in place d) the stem responds negatively to gravity
The rocks that undergo chemical weathering often
a) change color b) change odor c) become stronger d) produce acid
Deposition can be described as
a) deposit of sediment after erosion has carried particles away b) breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces c) formation of rocks with new chemical properties d) deposit of sediment to form new rocks
Erosion can be described as
a) The formation of rocks b) The breakdown of rocks c) The deposit of sediment d) The transportation of sediment
Acid precipitation is
a) Chemical weathering b) Physical / Mechanical weathering c) Both d) Neither
Acid precipitation causes
a) rocks to break down without changing its chemical composition b) rocks to break down by changing its chemical composition c) the formation of rocks by changing its chemical composition d) the formation of rocks without changing its chemical composition
What type of weathering is oxidation?
a) Physical / Mechanical b) Chemical c) Both d) Neither
Ice wedging is
a) Chemical weathering b) Physical/Mechanical weathering c) Both d) Neither
Weathering is divided into which two processes?
a) Physical and erosion b) Physical and chemical c) Erosion and mechanical d) Deposition and erosion
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