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is all the living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions
a) ecosystem b) consumer c) habitat d)
is a place that provides all the things an organism needs to live
a) food chain b) habitat c) competition d)
is a group of organisms of one species that live in an area at the same time
a) decomposer b) food web c) population d)
different populations in an area make up a:
a) ecosystem b) community c) environment d)
is an animal that hunts and eats another animal
a) prey b) habitat c) predator d)
is an animal that is hunted by others for food
a) prey b) conservation c) population d)
is an organism that makes its own food for energy, like the plants
a) consumer b) food web c) producer d)
is an organism that cannot make its own food
a) predator b) consumer c) competition d)
is an organism that gets its energy by breaking down wastes and dead organisms
a) producer b) decomposer c) food chain d)
is a series of steps by which energy moves from one type of living thing to another; the energy flows in one direction
a) food chain b) habitat c) food web d)
is a diagram that combines many food chains into one picture; the energy flows in many directions
a) food chain b) conservation c) food web d)
are all the conditions surrounding an organism
a) community b) habitat c) environment d)
is the struggle of organisms for the same limited resources
a) competition b) conservation c) community d)
any substance that damages the environment is called:
a) prey b) pollution c) predator d)
is an attempt to preserve or protect an environment from harmful changes
a) pollution b) consumer c) conservation d)
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