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_______________ was used to get water from rivers to fields to grow crops in a dry environment.
a) totem pole b) adobe c) irrigation d) hieroglyphics
Polished beads made from shells woven together into a belt are known as ____________.
a) wampum b) wigwams c) teepee d) longhouse
An _____________ is a person who studies tools, bones, and remains of ancient people.
a) civilization b) archaeologist c) totem pole d) hieroglyphics
A huge sheet of ice on Earth's surface is called a __________.
a) wigwams b) archaeologist c) longhouse d) glacier
Areas of land called __________ are hills with flat tops.
a) lodge b) glaciers c) mesas d) potlatch
Small homes that had wooden frames and were covered by woven mats and sheets of bark to form a dome are called?
a) wigwams b) adobe c) travois d) lodge
Hunter-gatherers would _________ to other regions when food became hard to find.
a) mesas b) migrate c) glaciers d) irrigation
The guests receive gifts at a feast at a party that could last for days is called?
a) migrate b) irrigation c) wampum d) potlatch
Bison skins could be used to make a cone-shaped home called what?
a) teepee b) potlatch c) migrate d) wigwam
A long rectangular building made of bent poles covered with sheets of bark is a _________________.
a) travois b) longhouse c) wigwams d) civilization
The Hohokam and the Southwest Native Americans built their homes with mud and straw, a type of brick known as _____________.
a) adobe b) travois c) civilization d) mesas
The Maya developed a system of writing using pictures called ____________________.
a) migrate b) wigwams c) lodge d) hieroglyphics
Plains people used a ___________ to carry meat and skin long distances pulled by dogs or horses.
a) migrate b) travois c) lodge d) totem pole
A _____________is a group of people with shared systems of trade, art, religion, and science.
a) civilization b) archaelolgist c) irrigation d) adobe
A ___________ is a home that is made of grasses, sticks and soil.
a) wigwams b) adobe c) longhouse d) lodge
A __________________ is a carved log painted with symbols of animals or people.
a) potlatch b) longhouse c) travois d) totem pole
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