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Dispositons are...
a) Traits defining how people normally react in situations . b) Traits defining how people abnormally react in situations . c) None of the answers d)
Mike really enjoyed biology last year but he is struggling in understanding chemistry. He also loved algebra but had a hard time with the hypothesis testing in calculus. According to Piaget's ideas, Mike is not fully into which stage?
a) Concrete b) Formal c) None of the answers d)
Erik Erikson's focus with human development was how people evolve...
a) socially b) cognitively c) morally d)
If you went to take your language arts test and were given a science test, what is the problem with the test?
a) validity b) reliability c) none of the answers d)
Ruth earned a bad grade in one of her classes. Her brother asked her a question and she yelled at him. Which type of defensive mechanism is used?
a) Avoidance b) Displacement c) None of the answers d)
According to Piaget, a cognitive development begins with the concerte stage and ends with the formal stage.
a) False b) True c) None of the answers d)
A person who is disorganized is interpreted as having conflict and fixation during what stage of Psychoanalysis?
a) Anal b) Oral c) None of the answers d)
Which following is a teratogen?
a) candy b) alcohol c) wood d)
According to the Psychoanalysis theory, what does Eros and thanatos mean?
a) life; thanatos b) violence; schema c) none of the answers d)
____________________ theory states people have control over their own destinies.
a) Behavoristic b) Humanistic c) None of the answers d)
Kurt was asked by his therapist to look at some pictures and create a story about them. Kurt is taking which personality test?
a) Big Five Test b) Thematic Apperception Test c) None of the answers d)
Studying a group of children from first grade through high school to see the effect of pre-schooling on educational success would be which type of study?
a) longitual b) natural observation c) none of the answers d)
The type of test that taken to measure your knowledge about a subject area is called...
a) acheivement b) intelligence c) none of the answers d)
Eight year old Steven does not want to go to school. He is in the lowest math group, has to go to the third grade for reading and is the last one picked for teams on the playground. According to Erik Erikson what danger might take over Herbie?
a) Mistrust b) Inferiority c) Guilt d)
The first time Herbie saw a wolf, he called it a dog. His understanding of the wolf best illustrates the process of:
a) Assimilation b) Acquistion c) None of the answers d)
Jack and Kate exchange homework (Kate does Jack's math homework and Jack does her english homework). Neither believe this swapping is wrong. What level of moral development are they operating on?
a) Post conventional b) Pre conventional c) None of the answers d)
Zygote, embryo, fetus, infant is the developmental sequence for humans.
a) False b) True c) None of the answers d)
Cindy expected all her teachers to be motherly. She entered her classroom and was shocked her teacher was a man. Cindy is shocked by this and is in a state of disbelief. Her difficulty is is due to a small
a) development b) intelligence c) schema d)
Heredity is to environment as _____________________is to_________________________.
a) Nature ; Nuture b) Nature; Genetics c) None of the answers d)
You playing with your one year old brother. You hide his toy car behind your back. He makes no attempt to look for it and starts to cry. Your brother has not developed...
a) Assimilation b) Object Permanence c) Accommodation d)
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