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what makes up an entire ecosystem?
a) abiotic and biotic things surrounding the environment of an organism b) all the living things interacting in an organisms environment c) all the nonliving things interacting in an organisms environment d) the natural things in the environment that are affected by the organism being studied
this word means different
a) diversity b) domain c) environment d) ecosystem
Which is Not an example of conservation
a) driving your car instead of using a bike b) turning off the water when brushing your teeth c) contour farming d) crop rotation
painting an old bottle and using it for a vase Best describes this type of conservation.
a) reusing b) recycling c) reducing d) family
this shows a simple food chain
a) Hedgehog-insect-plant-sun b) sun-insect-plant-hedgehog c) insect-sun-plant-hedgehog d) insect-hedgehog-sun-plant
Which is not one of the 3 R's of conservation?
a) Resourceful b) Reuse c) Recycle d) Reduce
Where does all energy from an ecosystem begin from?
a) the sun b) plants c) consumers d) decomposers
This is a type of nonrenewable resource
a) oil b) sun c) wind d) water
which is NOT a type of volcano?
a) minor b) super c) shield d) cone
The earth is broken up into plates known as
a) plate tectonics b) plate breaks c) pangea d) plate slices
the BEST definition for the epicenter is
a) the point on Earth's center directly above where the earthquake first happened b) the direct center of the earth c) the greatest part of the earth d) the point where the earthquake first happened
this layer of the earth is made of completely liquid rock
a) outer core b) mantle c) crust d) inner core
this layer of earth is solid and is the complete center of the earth
a) inner core b) outer core c) mantle d) crust
which correctly places the layers of the earth in order from top to middle
a) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core b) mantle crust outer core, inner core c) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust d) outer core, inner core, mantle crust
Mushrooms belong to this group
a) fungi b) plant c) animal d) carnivore
What Best describes all of natural resources?
a) resources that occur naturally in the world b) are all renewable c) are all nonrenewable d) have to be mined from another source
what does the word abiotic mean?
a) nonliving b) living c) not robotic d) robotic
what does the word biotic mean?
a) living b) nonliving c) not robotic d) robotic
which does not have an effect on an ecosystem
a) All these things can affect an ecosystem b) humans c) other animals in the ecosystem d) the climate of the area
Earth quakes are caused by
a) two plate move against each other or merge together or pull apart b) the mantle is getting less rock in it c) the ocean is much denser than land d) the ocean is more dense than the land
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