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What type of interface is used to connect newer drives in a computer to the motherboard?
a) PATA b) SATA c) PAMA d) Narrow SCSI
What kind of port would you plug a graphics card into on a modern motherboard?
a) ISA b) VESA c) PCI d) PCI-E
Which of these motherboard bus types is designed for servers and has a throughput of 1,064 MB/s?
a) PCI-X b) PCI Express c) PCI d) miniPCI
Which memory form-factor includes 200 pin and 204 pin versions
a) DIMM b) SIMM c) SO-DIMM d)
What type of memory or storage would a computer use to load running programs into while working with them?
a) DDR3 modules b) Flash Drives c) PCI d) CLI
Which component of the computer is responsible for floating point calculations?
a) CPU b) DIMM c) VGA d) GUI
Which of these connection types would you most commonly associate with NAS? A.Ethernet B.eSATA C.USB D.FireWire E.Serial
a) Ethernet b) eSATA c) USB d) FireWire
If you had four identical drives, which of these RAID types would provide both redundancy and the most available storage space for your data?
a) RAID 0 b) RAID 1 c) RAID 5 d) RAID 1 + 0
You have just purchased a new dual-core PC, but when you look at the Windows Task Manager's Performance tab, you see usage statistics for four CPUs. What would be the most likely cause of this difference?
a) Dual-core CPUs appear as four separate CPUs in Windows b) The dual-core CPUs are using HTT c) The new computer uses dual-channel memory d) Windows Task Manager is improperly configured
Which of these interface types would you expect to find in a laptop computer?
a) Mini PCI b) DIMM c) AGP d) PCI-X
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