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B is the correct symbol for
a) Boron b) Bromine c) Beryllium d) Barium
H is the symbol for
a) Hydrogen b) Helium c) Holmium d) Mercury
The correct symbol for Oxygen is
a) O b) Ox c) Og d) OX
The correct symbol for Potassium is
a) K b) P c) Po d) Pt
The correct symbol for Nitrogen is
a) N b) Ni c) Nt d) Nr
The flow of electrons from one atom to another is called __________________________________.
a) electricity b) neutrality c) neurons d) electronics
Neutrons have a ________ charge.
a) neutral b) positive c) negative d) legal
Atoms are the basic building blocks of all _______________.
a) matter b) neurons c) neutrons d) electron
Electrons have a _________ charge.
a) negative b) positive c) neutral d) neural
Protons have a __________ charge.
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d) legal
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