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What is a party platform?
a) The stage at the convention b) The headquarters of political parties c) An official document that has the ideals and positions a party takes on issues d) A guide for compromises to make
What is the symbol for the Democratic Party?
a) Donkey b) Monkey c) Elephant d) Hippogriff
Who is considered the founder of the Democratic Party?
a) Alexander Hamilton b) Andrew Jackson c) Ben Franklin d) George Washington
What is the term for the middle of the political spectrum?
a) Moderate b) Liberal c) Conservative d) Apathetic
What is the political spectrum?
a) Political parties colors b) Colors of the wind c) Your own personal political beliefs d) The range of your political beliefs
What is a characteristic of liberalism?
a) Pro-War b) Larger government c) Cut welfare programs d) Less regulations
What is an aspect of conservatism?
a) Less regulation b) Government promotes change c) More welfare d) Higher taxes for corporations
What is the symbol of the Republican Party?
a) Rhino b) Aardvark c) Sheep d) Elephant
What is the party system that we have in the United States?
a) 2 party system b) 3 party system c) 5 party system d) 4 party system
Which of the following is NOT one of the two major political parties in the United States?
a) Democratic b) Republican c) Reform Party d) Libertarian
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