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ask for information
a) quench b) envy c) inquire d) dispute
a) toil b) assure c) adorn d) haste
lacking knowledge
a) ignorant b) inquire c) toil d) assure
a) earnest b) envy c) adorn d) strife
floating without being steered
a) retort b) haste c) adrift d) assure
mean, nasty, hurtful
a) adrift b) malicious c) quench d) inquire
angry disagreement
a) strife b) ignorant c) malicious d) dismay
work hard
a) envy b) toil c) strife d) quench
a remark said angrily
a) strife b) haste c) adorn d) retort
distress caused by something unexpected
a) envy b) retort c) dismay d) toil
satisfy by drinking
a) quench b) adrift c) inquire d) grove
a) adorn b) assure c) retort d) dismay
a) earnest b) adorn c) envy d) ignorant
a small orchard
a) malicious b) toil c) grove d) haste
decorate with an ornament, enhance
a) assure b) adorn c) dispute d) retort
a) earnest b) adrift c) retort d) dispute
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