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A simple sentence has a noun and a verb. Which sentence is a complete sentence?
a) The PENS strategy can be used in all classes. b) A noun is a person, place, thing, quality, or idea c) Some examples of verbs are d) Search to find
The step of PENS that means to choose words for the sentences is the _ step.
a) Pick a formula b) Note the words c) Explore words to fit the formula d) Search and Check
The step: Root out the Subject has another part. What is it?
a) Mark out inappropriate verbs b) Ask who is your favorite football player c) Ask if there is a verb d) Ask Who or what (verb)
Which words are imposters?
a) Implements and positions b) Immunizations and viruses c) Infinitives and prepostitions d) Indefinites and precipitation
In the K step of the MARK strategy
a) The writer labels the subject and the verb b) The writer writes it again c) The writer checks the sentence for a capital letter, end punctuation, and meaning d) The writer reads the sentence backwards three times
a) b b) m c) n d) m
a) m b) m c) m d) m
a) m b) m c) m d) m
a) m b) m c) m d) m
a) m b) m c) m d) m
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