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early weapon, tool, or other thing made by humans
a) fossil b) artifact c) nomad d) archaeologist
studies human society
a) artifact b) nomad c) anthropologist d) archaeologist
preserved remains of plants and animals
a) fossil b) artifact c) nomad d) anthropologist
hunts for evidence of human settlements.
a) fossil b) nomad c) anthropologist d) archaeologist
person who moves from place to place regularly
a) fossil b) artifact c) nomad d) archaeologist
Historians call the early period of human history the
a) Iron Age b) Bronze Age c) Ancient Age d) Stone Age
The Paleolithic people were able to survive because they used
a) rocks b) fire c) water d) caves
One of the most important technologies used by the Paleolithic people was
a) tools b) language c) art d) religion
What revolutionary change took place during the Neolithic Age?
a) simple shelters b) hunting c) farming d) tool making
Which are two well-known Neolithic communities?
a) Europe and China b) Mexico and Egypt c) Jericho and Catal Huyuk d) Babylon and Uruk
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