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All of the following are true about children's play except _?_
a) young children need other children to play b) play helps brain development c) everyday objects are good playthings d) by pretending, children grow emotionally and socially
An observation that uses personal opinions and feelings to judge or describe things.
a) Subjective observation b) Objective observation c) Anecdotal observation d) Running record
The importance of childhood has been emphasized by findings from recent research in the development of the _?_.
a) heart b) brain c) family system d) environment
A growing number of adults now care for their children
a) full time. b) and their children's friends. c) and neighbor's children. d) and their aging parents.
Parenthood can put many emotional pressures on people, including all of the following except_?_
a) fear of aging b) fear of being a poor parent c) worry over money d) frustration at the loss of freedom
Families meet children's basic needs for all of the following except _?_
a) safety and health b) love c) political allegiance d) moral education
Singing nursery rhymes is an example of what type of development?
a) physical b) emotional c) moral d) intellectual
A type of family which includes relatives living with them.
a) extended b) nuclear c) blended d) single parent
Stages of a child's development
a) occur before his or her first birthday b) are largely determined by whether a child is male of female c) follow a similar pattern for most children d) vary significantly because of his/her environment.
A observation where you evaluate development by assessing skills a child should have at a certain age.
a) running record b) frequency count c) developmental checklist d) anecdotal record
While observing children in a child care setting, it is important to _?_
a) ask children questions at their own level b) try to stay in the background c) take their home life into account d) confer with other observers
Trends affecting families today include all of the following except _?_
a) technology b) excess leisure time c) economic changes d) the aging population
Studying children is valuable because _?_
a) you will learn how to educate them most effectively b) they are fun to be around c) you will understand them better and gain important skills d) they are the workforce of the future.
Role playing or playing dress up is an example of what type of development?
a) Moral b) Physical c) Social d) Emotional
A type of family in which there is either a mother or father and at least one child.
a) nuclear b) single parent c) extended d) blended
An observation that states only the facts and is more valuable
a) developmental checklist b) subjective observation c) objective observation d) running record
The different area of development are _?_
a) hereditary b) interrelated c) environmental d) not realted
Parents who speak politely to others are teaching children by _?_
a) nurturing b) culture c) example d) religious training
Finger painting is an example of what type of development?
a) Physcial b) Social c) Emotional d) Intellectual
In a newborn's brain, the neurons _?_
a) do not increase in number b) are inactive c) are linked by connections d) can be seen with a microscope
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