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what is not acceptable to do in Spanish class?
a) talk as the teacher is talking b) line up at the end of class c) remain standing until we greet one another d) bring a coat to class
como estas means?
a) how are you? b) what's your name? c) where do you live? d) how old are you?
cómo te llamas? means
a) what is your name? b) where do you live? c) how old are you? d) what's you favorite book?
hola is
a) hello b) goodbye c) how are you? d) my name is
buenas tardes means
a) good afternoon b) good morning c) good night d) good bye
adios means
a) good bye b) good morning c) good afternoon d) good evening
Buenos dias means
a) good mornig b) good afternoon c) good night d) good bye
why do you have to remain standing up until I say: sientate
a) because it is a sign of respect towards an adult b) because it is the school's rule c) because someone told you to stand up d) because it is a game
la puerta means
a) the door b) open c) sit down d) stand up
sientate means?
a) sit down b) stand up c) raise your hand d) talk to a friend
cuantos anos tienes means?
a) how old are you? b) where do you live? c) what's your favorite class? d) what's your name?
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