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Capitalism/ Capitalismo
a) Capital Cities b) Business Banned c) Unclear Policy d) Market Run Economy
Red Scare/ Amenaza Roja
a) Fear of Animals b) Communisim c) Fear of Obama d) Industralization
Teapot Dome Scandal/Escándalo de Teapot Dome
a) Oil-land scandal b) Running Errands c) Astroworld Revival d) Tea Drinkers Going Crazy
a) An Awesome TV Show b) Good Reputation c) Involved in Something Illegal d) Involved in Work Ethics
Return to Normalcy/Volver a la Normalidad
a) An Unobtainable Goal b) Getting Back to Normal c) A Policy of George Bush d) EEOC
Tarrifs/ Tarifas
a) Southern Style Cooking b) Tax on Import/Export c) An Argument d) Monetary Drains
Taxes/ Impuestos
a) Texas b) Money to Mr. Busby c) Coupon Discounts d) Money to Gov't
Installment Plans/Planes de Pago
a) Small Payments b) Voter Rights c) Furniture Assembly Instructions d) Codified Legal Precedent
Mass Consumption/Consumo en Masa
a) Eating Stuff b) SHMSTC School Store c) Spare Resources d) Buying Lots of Goods
Assembly Line/Línea de Ensamblaje
a) Lines in a Cafeteria b) Make Faster c) Drawing Project d) Regional Production
a) Lots of Money b) Kim Kardashian's Cousin c) Integrity d) Typewriters
Great Migration/Gran Migración
a) Small motions b) Mass movement to another location c) Mass Push for Telecommunications d) Electric Power
a) Takis, Cheetoes, Funions, Potatoes b) Shirts, Shoes, Skirts, Jackets c) PDiddy, Kanye, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus d) Beliefs, ideals, traditions, rituals
Repeal/ Revocar
a) To Put Back b) To Take Home c) To Take Away d) To Run Into a Wall
18th Amendment/Enmienda 18
a) Free Speech b) Speedy Trial c) Prohibition d) Tupac Lives
Temperance Movement/Movimiento de la Templanza
a) Anti-Alochol b) Anti-Church c) Anti-Education d) Anti-Happiness
a) Electing Women Senators b) No Alcohol c) No Fried Rice d) Taco Trucks
a) Native Americans b) Anti-Foreigners c) Government Officials d) Political Bosses
a) Government Controlled b) Free Market c) Hippies d) Vegan Diet
Harlem Renaissance/Renacimiento de Harlem
a) Rebirth of African Culture b) Rebirth of Asian Culture c) A Play d) A Love Letter
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