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To kill in order to obtain meat or to kill people or animals in large numbers or in a cruel way
a) plumage b) derogatory c) predatory d) slaughter
To search through or pick over, looking for something usable
a) devour b) scavenge c) predatory d) solitude
Coming earlier in time or coming before in order of importance
a) prior b) delicacy c) vulnerable d) mythical
Living by killing and eating other animals or living by robbing or stealing from others
a) scavenge b) slaughter c) authentic d) predatory
A bird's feathers
a) slaughter b) predatory c) plumage d) ungainly
Imaginary; not real
a) mythical b) vulnerable c) figment d) astute
Something that is made up in the mind but that has no connection with reality
a) ungainly b) figment c) mythical d) delicacy
To eat up hungrily or to take in eagerly with eyes or ears
a) authentic b) prior c) scavenge d) devour
A choice item of food
a) mythical b) delicacy c) slaughter d) plumage
Expressing a low opinion; intended to hurt the reputation of a person or thing
a) ungainly b) vulnerable c) predatory d) derogatory
Genuine; true
a) figment b) vulnerable c) authentic d) astute
Wise in a clever or practical way
a) astute b) derogatory c) prior d) solitude
The condition of being alone or at some distance from people
a) solitude b) prior c) authentic d) vulnerable
Moving in a clumsy or awkward way
a) figment b) predatory c) ungainly d) plumage
Open to attack; easily injured physically or emotionally
a) vulnerable b) prior c) delicacy d) solitude
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