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Plant used to make paper
a) papyrus b) rose c) clay tablet d) herbs
What was the most significant geographic feature to the Egyptians?
a) Nile River b) mountains c) plateaus d) desert
When the Nile River flooded it left a mineral called _________ on the ground making the soil fertile.
a) silt b) magnesium c) salt d) copper
Who proclaimed HERself pharaoh?
a) Hatshepsut b) Tut c) Cleopatra d) Menes
What led to the decoding of hieroglyphics?
a) Rosetta Stone b) computer systems c) translators d)
The Egyptians believed in Ra, Osiris, and many other gods, which means we can describe their religion as
a) polytheistic b) Judaism c) monotheistic d) Christian
What type of power do pharaohs have in Egypt?
a) Absolute b) Complete c) Some d) None
What are pyramids used for?
a) Pharaoh's tomb b) Religious rituals c) To honor gods d) For Schools
Site of the Great Pyramid
a) Giza b) Cairo c) Alexandria d) Sumer
What is Egyptian writing system called?
a) hieroglyphics b) cuneiform c) Sanskirt d) calligraphy
What is a dynasty?
a) series of rulers from same family b) series of priests that use the same rituals c) woman pharaohs d) Egyptian writing
Which group was the largest in Egyptian social classes?
a) peasants b) priests c) scribes d) pharaoh
What is a pharaoh?
a) Egyptian god-King b) Egyptian merchant c) Egyptian trader d) Egyptian farmer
What did the Egyptians build to transport water?
a) irrigation b) pipes c) aqueducts d) bowls
One of the most important beliefs in Egyptian religion was the belief in what?
a) afterlife b) pyramids c) many gods d)
Who is believed to have united Upper and Lower Egypt?
a) Menes b) Hatshepsut c) Tutankhamen d) Ramses
Whose tomb was the only one to be left undisturbed?
a) Tutankhamen b) Menes c) Ramses d) Cleopatra
What was the main reason that civilization first developed in the Nile River Valley?
a) The soil was fertile for farming b) Farmers could easily use their tractors c) Good architects lived there d) Important center of learning were located there.
The Nile delta was located in
a) Lower Egypt b) Upper Egypt c) Canaan d) Nubia
During mummification, internal organs (except the heart) were placed into
a) Canopic Jars b) Sarcophagus c) Pottery d)
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