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Which of the following is NOT a kind of technology used to construct earthquake resistant buildings?
a) tectonic plates b) base insolator c) mass damper d) cross brace
If you are in a car on the open road when an earthquake occurs, you should
a) drive away from the area b) drive slowly to the nearest overpass c) stop the care and seek shelter in a ditch d) stop the car and stay inside
What type of wave is also know as secondary or shear?
a) S wave b) ground wave c) deformation d) P wave
What is the beginning point of an earthquake?
a) focus b) ground zero c) fault d) epicenter
The branch of science that studies earthquakes is called
a) seismology b) seismograph c) earthquakeology d) geology
The change in the shape of rock in respoinse to stress
a) deformation b) folding c) plastic d) elastic rebound
Which type of wave always arrives first
a) P wave b) tseunami c) ground wave d) S wave
The snapping back of deformed rock to its previous shape is called
a) elastic rebound b) folding c) deformation d) plastic
The tracing of an earthquakes motion is called
a) seismogram b) seismograph c) seismology d) tracing earthquakes
The instrument that records the seismic waves
a) seismograph b) seismogram c) seismology d) earthquake recorder
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