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Ethics are ______ principles by which people conduct themselves personally, socially, or professionally.
a) business b) cultural c) legal d) moral
A set of guidelines for maintaining ethics in the workplace is called a ______ of ethics.
a) code b) handbook c) policy d) system
Different cultures, businesses, and industries have different ethical ______ .
a) agendas b) standards c) systems d) complications
Unethical behavior sometimes leads to the passage of legislation that makes the behaviors ______ .
a) acceptable b) illegal c) reprehensible d) unconstitutional
A factory in which workers are employed long hours, paid low wages, and work under unhealthy conditions is called a ______ .
a) locked shop b) sweatshop c) triangleshop d) workshop
The S in OSHA stands for ______ .
a) safety b) standards c) supervision d) system
If an employee violates a company code of ethics, the employee ______ be fired.
a) cannot b) might c) must d) will
A conflict of interest is a conflict between self-interest and ______ obligation.
a) legal b) financial c) professional d) societal
The first step in the ethical decision-making process is to identify the ethical ______ .
a) alternative b) choice c) dilemma d) outcome
An example of a workplace issue that would likely be handled by OSHA is ______ .
a) consumer rights b) pollution control c) safety of equipment d) wage discrimination
Social responsibility is the duty to do what is best for the good of ______ .
a) customers b) society c) employees d) shareholders
The social responsibility of business takes into consideration all that business ______ to solve the problems of society.
a) does b) does and does not do c) does not do d) should do
When businesses are committed to following ethical standards, ethics are an ______ part of their business practices.
a) active b) oblivious c) integral d) unimportant
The Federal Trade Commission is concerned with ______ .
a) product safety b) workplace safety c) trade barriers d) securities trading
Fair competition is a major component of a ______ economy.
a) central b) market c) command d) robust
When a firm does not have to compete, its productivity ______ .
a) decreases b) increases c) deflates d) inflates
If a company treats workers fairly, it is likely to have ______ turnover.
a) concentrated b) low c) high d) scattered
The ______ requires that men and women be paid the same wages for doing equal work.
a) American Pay Act b) Equal Rights Act c) Equal Pay Act d) Pay Equity Act
Rules that protect the environment and control pollution are enforced by the Environmental ______ Agency.
a) Parity b) Pollution c) Participation d) Protection
One goal of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is to insure that companies keep ______ accounting records.
a) accurate b) erroneous c) additional d) limited
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