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Who was chosen as commander of the Continental Army?
a) George Washington b) Sam Adams c) Patrick Henry d) Ben Franklin
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Ben Franklin b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) George Washington
Who wrote the article Common Sense so the average person understood the cause for independence?
a) Patrick Henry b) Thomas Jefferson c) King George III d) Thomas Paine
Who said the famous words, Give me Liberty of Give me Death?
a) Thomas Paiine b) Patrick Henry c) Ben Franklin d) George Washington
Who was the French soldier who joined Washington's troops and helped him train his army at Valley Forge?
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Thomas Jefferson c) James Armistead d) Wentworth Cheswell
Who was the first casualty of the Boston Massacre?
a) Billy Joel b) John Adams c) John Locke d) Crispus Attucks
Who was the Spanish leader who kept New Orleans and the Mississippi out of British hands?
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Crispus Attucks c) Bernardo de Galvez d) John Locke
Who was the African American who worked as a spy for the Patriots?
a) James Armistead b) John Paul Jones c) Ben Franklin d) Haym Salomon
Which colonists traveled to France to get help during the Revolution?
a) George Washington b) Ben Franklin c) Thomas Jefferson d) Patrick Henry
Who wrote poems and plays as a protest against the British?
a) Abigail Adams b) Thomas Paine c) Patrick Henry d) Mercy Otis Warren
Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty?
a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson c) Sam Adams d) Ben Franklin
He was nicknamed the Black Paul Revere who road through the country to warn about the British?
a) Paul Revere b) Wentworth Cheswell c) James Armistead d) Thomas Paine
Who encouraged the women of the colonies to learn how to live without British goods?
a) Abigail Adams b) Jane Doe c) Mercy Otis Warren d) Martha Washington
Who was the commander of the Continental Navy?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) John Paul Jones c) Ben Franklin d) John Adams
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